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What is Self Confidence and where to get it - with the help of Self Confidence Quotes and Human Core Values.

Self confidence is an internal state of knowing yourself. A lack of confidence is a lack of self awareness. I am going to give you all the information you need to destroy all that false confidence that has been leaving you feeling exhausted and stagnant, and we are going to change your prospective and experience.

There are two energies of confidence - masculine and feminine. The human experience is all about contrast, and even within ourselves, we must learn to balance the contrast. So lets start by balancing the masculine confidence.

Here are a few powerful Self Confidence Quotes and Affirmations that will inspire you toward self love and radical self acceptance.

Masculine Confidence can be solved, refurbished, and altered using logic.

Here’s how to do it.

When you leave your safe place where you just exist, and enter the world where you are now going to be observed, who is it in your mind, that is observing you? Identifying this “invisible audience” will help pin point your insecurities, and where you are seeking your external validation.

Lets say you’re like me and you unconsciously and sometimes consciously dress, behave, and ‘mask’ for male approval. Do I truly feel beautiful, validated, and confident when my foundation is other humans opinion of me? Absolutely not. Maybe momentarily, that hit of dopamine when you get hit on, or flirted with, or stared at. The the hormonal responses will fade, and you’ll be left again with a baseline of how you feel about yourself.

True confidence is SELF confidence. So now, we pretend that their are no observers. Your actually duty is to self express authentically but how can you do this if you don’t really know yourself? You can’t, so here is a cheat sheet to get to know yourself so quick.

What are your core values?

I’ve included a comprehensive list of 100 human core values. They are all valuable, important, and good values. By identifying 5 to 25 core values that you most resonate with, you will have taken a shortcut to self awareness and self confidence. The reason why is because now your energy that was being spend on the validation of someone else, or the amplification of someone else’s experience can be redirected back into yourself.

A list of 100 core values - Positivity Potential Power Purpose Quality Resilience Respect Responsibility Risk-taking Self-awareness Self-care Self-discipline Service Simplicity Spirituality Stability Strength Success Support Sustainability Teamwork Tolerance Trust Truth Understanding Unity Vision Vitality Wisdom Wonder Worthiness Achievement Adaptability Adventure Altruism Ambition Balance Beauty Boldness Caring Challenge Clarity Collaboration Commitment Community Compassion Competence Confidence Connection Consistency Contribution Creativity Curiosity Determination Diversity Empathy Empowerment Endurance Equality Excellence Exploration Fairness Faith Family Fearlessness Flexibility Forgiveness Freedom Friendship Fun Generosity Gratitude Growth Happiness Harmony Health Honesty Honor Hope Humility Independence Innovation Integrity Intuition Joy Justice Kindness Leadership Learning Love Loyalty Mindfulness Open-mindedness Optimism Patience Peace Perseverance Philanthropy
100 human core values

Within the 5+ core values you’ve selected is so much to explore. You’ll know who you are, you’ll know what is important to you, you’ll know what to research, chase, attract, embody… this organization of ourselves helps us feel safe and secure. Within this safety, we can express ourselves authentically, and be ourselves.

So that’s the logic, and I’ve gotten to this particular understanding many times, however there is a secondary element, a contrast, to confidence.

The feminine confidence is felt, created, and cared for.

This confidence must be cultivated daily. It’s so personal, and different for every human yet the fundamental component is the same across the board, and that is daily care and maintenance.

Make your priorities, a priority. Make you, your mind, your body, and your spirit your priority. Focus your energy on you. I can hear all the moms rolling their eyes. I get it, I’m a mom too. What I know, is that I want to teach my daughters how to care for themselves, how to live a fulfilling life, and how to be happy. The best way to teach them that, is by embodying it. So taking the time to care for myself, teaches everyone around me that caring for ourselves is critical. Anyone who gives you push back is dealing with their own shit.

A few practical ways to encourage feminine confidence:

Take care of yourself, as if you were taking care of someone else

Set out time every day to dedicate to yourself.

A problem written down, is a problem halved.

Make your priorities and priority.

Remember that the journey is overcoming obstacles, transformation, and the adventure of becoming the best version of ourselves. There is no finish line, but there are milestones.

Client in front of a vibey downtown Los Angeles Fashion photography backdrop. She is wearing red lingierie. She is inspiring women to love the way their bodies look and accept themselves unconditionally by proving that beauty standards are fake.

100 Human Core Values

  1. Achievement

  2. Adaptability

  3. Adventure

  4. Altruism

  5. Ambition

  6. Balance

  7. Beauty

  8. Boldness

  9. Caring

  10. Challenge

  11. Clarity

  12. Collaboration

  13. Commitment

  14. Community

  15. Compassion

  16. Competence

  17. Confidence

  18. Connection

  19. Consistency

  20. Contribution

  21. Creativity

  22. Curiosity

  23. Determination

  24. Diversity

  25. Empathy

  26. Empowerment

  27. Endurance

  28. Equality

  29. Excellence

  30. Exploration

  31. Fairness

  32. Faith

  33. Family

  34. Fearlessness

  35. Flexibility

  36. Forgiveness

  37. Freedom

  38. Friendship

  39. Fun

  40. Generosity

  41. Gratitude

  42. Growth

  43. Happiness

  44. Harmony

  45. Health

  46. Honesty

  47. Honor

  48. Hope

  49. Humility

  50. Independence

  51. Innovation

  52. Integrity

  53. Intuition

  54. Joy

  55. Justice

  56. Kindness

  57. Leadership

  58. Learning

  59. Love

  60. Loyalty

  61. Mindfulness

  62. Open-mindedness

  63. Optimism

  64. Patience

  65. Peace

  66. Perseverance

  67. Philanthropy

  68. Positivity

  69. Potential

  70. Power

  71. Purpose

  72. Quality

  73. Resilience

  74. Respect

  75. Responsibility

  76. Risk-taking

  77. Self-awareness

  78. Self-care

  79. Self-discipline

  80. Service

  81. Simplicity

  82. Spirituality

  83. Stability

  84. Strength

  85. Success

  86. Support

  87. Sustainability

  88. Teamwork

  89. Tolerance

  90. Trust

  91. Truth

  92. Understanding

  93. Unity

  94. Vision

  95. Vitality

  96. Wisdom

  97. Wonder

  98. Worthiness

  99. Authenticity

  100. Accountability

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