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Hannah Monroe

and I change lives

Hello, I'm Hannah, a proud native of Los Angeles who has traversed the globe, living in both Europe and Asia. Now, I am overjoyed to return to my hometown and serve its incredible community once again. My journey has been a tapestry woven with diverse experiences, and I am deeply honored to bring my passion for empowering women to the heart of Los Angeles.

My dedication to helping women ascend in their lives is the driving force behind my business. Guided by this fervor, I offer something truly transformative—a catalyst that propels their lives into new dimensions of empowerment. These sessions, the culmination of my endeavors, hold the power to ignite profound shifts in how women perceive themselves and their capabilities, ultimately launching them into a renewed way of being.


As a certified Reiki healer and energy coach, I have honed the ability to create a sacred space where you can release energies that no longer serve you. With the assistance of this loving energy, sourced from within and beyond, we embark on a journey of renewal together. I am here to guide, but the true magic unfolds within you, driven by your own intention and openness to receive.

My journey with photography has spanned over fifteen years, an artistic pursuit that has fueled my soul. Now, I am elated to harmoniously intertwine my energy practice with my creative artistry. With a heart brimming with passion, I invite you to embark on this empowering journey with me, where energy, photography, and self-discovery converge in a symphony of transformation.

Welcome to a space of empowerment, transformation, and artistry. I'm excited to share this chapter of growth and empowerment with you.

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