About Hannah Monroe

When my husband deployed in 2017, I made it my mission to find myself again. We had gotten married fairly young, and immediately began producing babies. Somewhere, my passion and identity had faded as I turned into a mom-zombie. 

Then I picked up a camera again. 

It was like hearing an old song that I used to love. I knew all the words, but it sounded so different this time. That's what it felt like for me when the passion of photography was reignited. 

Since then, I have been pursuing the art of photography head on. I get such a rush spending an afternoon with a family, or watching a beautiful sunset dip behind a gorgeous couple, or capturing the first few hours of a brand new babies life. 

I would love to get to know you and maybe even have the opportunity to take beautiful pictures of you and your people.

Stay wild and be chill. 



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