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Orange County is getting a new Family, Maternity, and Couples Photographer! And it's ME!

Orange County California Family Photographer Hannah Monroe Beach Sunset Photoshoot

It's happening! I'm offering Family Photoshoots, Maternity Sessions, and Couples sessions again and I'm so thrilled to be doing it! I spent the last week looking over the hundreds of sessions I have done since starting my business in 2019. I have worked with so many humans from all over the world and I feel immensely blessed to have made connections through this beautiful art of photography. So first and foremost, to all my clients who were with me since the start, thank you for supporting me and my business for the last 5 years. You all bless me.

Orange County Family Photographer green forest river family photoshoot by Hannah Monroe

So what does this mean for the OC? It means it'll be a little less difficult to find the perfect family photographer in Orange County, California. I provide styling and aesthetic guidance to all my clients during our 15 minute phone consultation. We will decide on locations, colors, vibe... the whole shebang and then I take you on my artistic journey and we create magic!

5 quick tips for your next session (even if it's not with me)

As a seasoned photographer, I have a few tips to make your next session a little easier.

Firstly, outfit coordination is essential for the entire vibe and aesthetic of a session. Opt for complementary colors and styles that reflect your family's unique personality. Avoid overly busy patterns if possible. You'll thank me later.

Secondly, the location selected should reflect your families personality, and the aesthetic you're wanting to achieve. Whether it's sandy laguna beach, Big Bear, a professional studio, or urban LA backdrop, I'll have lots of fab options for you.

Thirdly, timing is everything. Aim for the golden hour, the magical time shortly after sunrise or before sunset, to bask in the warm, flattering light that enhances every frame. I typically do my sessions an hour and a half before sunset. That time changes day by day (I guess the earth rotates and the time of sunset changes...) so we will make sure to plan on our day accordingly. Sunrise sessions can be amazing for families who might have kiddos that get cranky by sunset, but rise early with energy and joy. I am happy to do either!

Additionally, communication with your photographer is key. Tell me all about your vision, preferences, and any specific poses or shots you desire beforehand to ensure a seamless session. If you have a pintrest board with ideas and inspo, I'd would LOVE to see it!

Lastly, relax and enjoy the moment. Authenticity and connection shine through in family portraits, so embrace the joy and love shared with your loved ones. Incorporating these expert tips into your session will undoubtedly result in cherished memories captured beautifully for generations to come.

If you're ready to schedule your consultation call and start the booking process for your next family photography session, you can click this button and send an email to me! I can't wait to make magic with you!

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