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New Moon Vibes: 5 Ways to Boost Self-Love

Are you freaking ready? This blog is coming out on the last new moon in 2023. This year has been a hell of a ride, but here we are surviving and thriving! This is your backstage pass to experiencing the New Moon with some laid-back self-love. Get ready to boost your cosmic energy and empower your inner goddess!

Beautiful woman in a red dress in a California scene. She's empowered and glowing in self love and new moon magic. Hannah Monroe works with here at her boudoir photography studio creating timeless art for everyone.

  1. Set Your Intentions Like a QUEEN: So, the New Moon is basically the universe's way of handing you a blank canvas. Grab your cosmic paintbrush and set intentions that scream, "I'm a fierce queen who's ready to conquer the world!" Whether it's manifesting that promotion at work or simply nailing the perfect selfie, make the universe work for you, honey.

  2. Moon Bathing, Because Why Not? If you're bold enough to brave cold waters, more power to ya, but me and my bits will be enjoying the moon in a steamy hottub. Strip down to your energetic cosmic skivvies and indulge in a little moonbathing. Trust us, the moonlight does wonders for your aura, and the neighbors will thank you for the free celestial show.

  3. Crystals, Darling – Charge 'Em Up: Your crystal collection needs a little moon magic, too. Pop those precious stones outside during the New Moon – it's like a spa day for your crystals. They'll come back radiating good vibes, just like you after that delicious moonbath.

  4. Create Your Personal Mantra Playlist: Let's be real – music is the universal language of self-love. Craft a playlist that screams empowerment and self-love. Whether it's Mother Taylor or some old-school TLC, let the beats sync with your heart's desires. Dance like nobody's watching – because they probably aren't, and who cares if they are?

  5. Mirror Talk, But Make It Glam: Head to the mirror, strike a pose, and start a conversation with the most important person in the room – you. Shower yourself with compliments like you're on the red carpet. Because guess what? You ARE the main character, and the universe is your biggest fan.

You and the Universe are the same. Treat her with love and kindness, because she's mirroring you. What you are is what you attract. The feeling is the prayer. You are divine and beautiful beyond your own understanding.


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