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How to prepare for a boudoir session

A few dos, a few don'ts, and a little encouragement to get you prepared for your boudoir session!

Boudoir sessions are intimidating and I mean it when I say I am already so proud of each of the women who have the lady nuts to actually book a session. That is literally the hardest part. You have shown courage and self love in a profound way and I am already in awe of you. Now you're counting down the days to your session and you're thinking "what should I do to get ready for this incredible experience I'm about to have?".

The most common FAQs include

  • Should I shave before my boudoir session?

  • Should I tan before my boudoir session?

  • What should I bring to my boudoir session?

  • What are the best ways to prepare for my boudoir session?

Let's answer these questions for you and all the other bad ass women who are preparing for a life changing and empowering boudoir session!

Boudoir client in red lingerie with red hair standing by a natural light window in a dark and moody boudoir image taken in downtown Los Angeles California by Hannah Monroe photography in southern california

Should I shave or wax before my boudoir session?

Short answer - yes - but allow me to complicate it. If you don't often wax, or have never waxed, right before a boudoir session is not the time to experiment. If you do normally wax, schedule your wax appointment at least 72 hours before your session to allow your skin to un-swell. If you regularly shave, shave the night before. If you don't typically do either, experiment a few weeks before your session to see how your bits react to deforestation. If you love your lushness down under, your are more than welcome to leave her as she is.

Should I tan before my boudoir session?

If you're considering a spray tan, stop right now. Spray tans are notorious for turning photography clients oompa-loompa level orange in camera. There are certain self tanners that have a brown/green undertone that does not show up "as much" but it's still a risk that you as a client will be taking. The official guidance is no spray/self tanner prior to a session.

Old school sun tanning is different - however I reccoment you consider any tan lines you may create and redness/sunburns will cost a fortune to edit out. The official guidance here is clients discretion. You know your skin and what it does, and I trust you.

What should I bring to my boudoir session?

Exclusively for my sessions, your only requirements are to bring clean and dry hair, a moisturized face, and yourself. I can cover all the other details my the sessions. You're welcome to bring your own lingerie and outfits to wear or any accessories that you'd like to use or wear. I recommend wearing loose fitting clothes to your session to avoid indent lines but other than that, I will take care of you.

What are the best ways to prepare for my boudoir session?

Some of the best ways to really make sure that you have an incredible boudoir session is taking a little time to take extra care of you. That can include plenty of sleep, lots of hydration, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin, getting your nails done or doing your nails, avoid alcohol, and (this sounds woo-woo but it works) speak self love and empowering affirmations about yourself to yourself at least 1x a day. The whole point of the whole experience is to feel really amazing in your body and about your body. Pamper yourself, listen to yourself, take care of yourself, and live happily ever after.

Every woman deserve to feel beautiful empowered, divine and sexy. If you're local to me, then you're from this wonderful and wild city that prioritizes looks and status above most. As a Los Angeles girlie, born and raised, I want to remind women that ALL bodies are sexy and perfect and beautiful and the beauty standards that are birthed out of this place are wrong. Allow me to prove to you have flipping sexy your are and indulge in a photoshoot experience that you'll remember forever.

Ready to book your session? Get in touch with me by booking a 15 minute consultation call by emailing me here.

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